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Windsor Meats Fundraising Support

Fundraising made simple! Earn 30% back 

Gift cards never expire, and can be used at any location!

The best selection of free-range, local and imported meats and dry goods!

How It Works

We love our community and want to support you and the things that make our community great.


Our gift card program supports local community organizations by selling gift cards at a 30% discount to face value. Your organization is then free to sell it to your fundraising base at a discount.

Send us your name, the name of your Organization, and we will arrange gift cards to be picked up at one of our five locations.  

Fundraising is eligible to all applicants within the Greater Vancouver Area!

*Gift cards can only be used in-store and are not eligible for our online store. 


Start Fundraising!

We’re only a click away. Get in touch with us using our form below.

We'll be in touch soon!

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