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Windsor Card
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Windsor Card?

The Windsor Card is a combination Windsor Gift Card and Windsor Rewards Card.

The Windsor Card is a prepaid convenience card that can be used to make purchases at any Windsor location. It can also be reloaded at any Windsor location.

To register your Windsor Card

click on the button below!

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Whenever a Windsor Card is swiped for payment the cardholder earns Reward Dollars that accrue automatically on the Card. When Reward Dollars reach certain levels the cardholder is instantly granted a Windsor reward product.

The Windsor Card has two separate wallets:

  1. One wallet contains funds loaded by the customer
  2. The second wallet contains funds earned by the customer


Is the Windsor card easy to use?

Windsor Cardholders use their cards for payment – just like cash. The Card is presented for payment, the card is swiped, and the transaction is completed. No PINs, no signatures, no counting change. Cardholders get an updated balance on their card after every transaction.


How does someone get a Windsor Card?

Windsor Cards are purchased at any Windsor location


How much money can be loaded onto a Windsor card?

The Windsor Card can be loaded with any value between the upper limit of $1000.00, and the lower limit of $10.00.


How is a Windsor Card loaded?

Windsor Cards are loaded by applying dollars using cash, credit card, or debit card.


How is a Windsor Card used?

Windsor Cards are used to make purchases at any Windsor location much in the same way as cash.

Each time the Windsor Member Card is swiped, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from the balance on the Card.

How does a Cardholder check their card balance?

There are three ways to check the balance of a Windsor Card:

  1. Online at
  2. At any Windsor location
  3. Whenever the card is used to make a purchase


Can the Windsor Cards be re-used?

Yes. The Windsor Cards can be used over and over and re-loaded whenever the cardholder chooses.


Where can the Cards be used?

At Windsor Caulfield and Edgemont locations.


What if a Card presented at a Windsor location does not have enough funds on it?

The POS system will print an “Insufficient Funds” notification, and you will not be able to complete the transaction. The employee may ask for another form of payment, or ask the cardholder to reload their card.


What if a card is lost?

If a card has been registered online at, the Cardholder can call Windsor and arrange to get a replacement card. If the card has not been registered, the card and the funds on the card will be lost.

Even though we can freeze a card any funds that may have been used from the time the card is lost to the time it has been reported lost or stolen will be the cardholder’s responsibility


Can a Windsor Cardholder get the money back off their card?

Once a card is loaded funds cannot be refunded.


If I can still use other payment methods at Windsor why should I use the Windsor Card?

The Windsor Card is not just a means of payment – first, the Card provides the convenience of the fastest way for you to pay for purchases, and second the Card will also be tied to the Windsor Rewards Program.


What if a cardholder wants to split his payment between a Windsor Card and cash or another credit card?

Split payments involving a combination of real dollars and Reward Dollars are not permitted.


What else should I know?

Cardholders can reload their Card, check their card balance, review their transaction history and change their password at


Anything else?

Each time a Windsor Card is used to make a purchase at a Windsor location, the cardholder earns Reward Dollars that will automatically be rewarded with a Windsor Reward product.


Windsor Rewards Program


What is the Windsor Rewards Program?

The Windsor Rewards Program is a special loyalty program offered as a thank you to loyal Windsor Cardholders.

Whenever a Windsor Card is swiped at the time of purchase the cardholder earns reward dollars that accrue automatically on the Card. For every dollar spent the Cardholder earns 2% of the purchase value as Reward Dollars.


How are Reward Dollars earned?

Cardholders can earn Reward Dollars in two manners:

1. Swiping the Card as payment

2. Swiping the Card only to earn Reward Dollars, while paying with another form of payment such as credit, debit or cash.


How are Reward Dollars redeemed?

Reward Dollars are redeemed automatically through a coupon that is printed from the POS machine. A coupon will be printed whenever the card’s total loyalty dollars reaches each $50.00 increment or level.


Points Threshold


50 points 6lb Sausage or 3lb Prime Rib Roast
100 points 10lb Pork Baby Ribs or 4lb Beef Tenderloin
150 points Deluxe Freezer Package


When a Customer Wins a Reward

1. Whenever a cardholder reaches the next Reward Level a Windsor Reward Coupon is printed at the bottom of the receipt.

2. The Windsor Reward Coupon section shows:

    a. the item won
    b. the next reward level
    c. the expiry date

3. The print font on the receipts is rather small in size, so you should be on the lookout for the slightly longer receipt declaring the cardholder’s Reward Coupon!