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Blog by Windsor Meat Company

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Windsor Meats Wholesale Services.

For years Windsor Meat Co. has provided fine Vancouver area restaurants with cuts of wholesome and ehtical meats.  Chefs get tthe exact sizes, quality and freshness cuts they need allowing them to focus on thier gourmet creations.   Doug Freeman has operated Windsor Meats whoelsale service for years out of the Caulfeild location, and in 2014, Windsors East Hastings began preparing select cuts for Paleo Fitness recipes.  In 2015 local Italian eateries caught on to Windsor's exclusive house made sausages.

Windsor also supplies the Grocery Checkout UBC located in the brand new Student Union building.  Ethical and Natural meats are cut "student size" and are cryovaced to retain freshness.   This program helps affordability and healthy eating on the UBC Campus.  

Windosr Meat Co. is proud it's services can help our local restarautnts!  For information on your own specific program, please call Scott Campbell at 604 688 2944