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Cam's Pork Tenderloin



1C Orange Juice

1/3C Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp Chopped Rosemary

4-7 Garlic Cloves

2 Pork Tenderloins

Salt and Pepper to taste

* Whisk together the orange juice, soy sauce, and chopped rosemary. Depending on the size of your tenderloins make 3-4 even slits diagonally along the tenderloin about ¼ inch deep. Take your garlic cloves and place one peeled clove in each slit – I usually go for 6 (3 per tenderloin) but depending on the size of the tenderloin you may need 1-2 more/less. 

* Place the tenderloins in a pyrex dish and pour marinade evenly over them. Let marinate for at least 1 hour (overnight is best however).

* Pre-heat oven to 400’. Drain the marinade into a bowl. Bake the tenderloins for 20 minutes or until 145’ internal temperature. While the tenderloins are baking simmer the marinade until hot in a saucepan, whisk regularly. 

* Cut tenderloin into slices to plate, spoon sauce over top and enjoy! Best served with balsamic asparagus tips and gnocchi or wild rice!